Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear My Almighty

Dear My Almighty, please guide me with some solutions. I am so stressed as I have yet to find the right solution for my tiny little problem.

I have decided to put my personal life as priority but when it comes to my responsibility towards my job, I have no choice but to give my 100% commitment to that recruiting project. 

And now the worst part is my team-mate will tender his resignation with 24 hours notice this Friday. Now how do I supposed to manage the work load when the person that I hope can cover me during my absence will leave me!

He is my only hope since he is so familiar with this project. Now my stress become double triple. 

And to my dear, I am so sorry because I'm not answering your phone call or reply your messages. I afraid I will throw my temper to you since I'm not good in handling stress. My mood is swing lately. I'm stuck with my work loads and my commitment to you. My condition at office right now is so critical. My boss keep complaining and keep pushing to do my very best for that project. Yup I'm soooooo soooo sooo stressed! 

Dear you, please accept my apologize. I'm in the middle to manage and find the solution to my problem so that I can make both side happy. You happy and my work done properly as I wish. 

I pray to Allah semoga segala dipermudahkan. Amin.