Monday, June 27, 2011


Hampir sebulan takde rasa nak update blog, suddenly arini mood datang. Mood datang pon bersebab. Hari tak keje, monteng dan dengan selumber decide nak MC. Sebab i need to see someone important. Important to my future. Supposed decide nak amek Emergency Leave tapi tak jumpe reason yang solid utk bagi pada bos. Maka MC sudah. Oke, tanak cite pasal opis, nak cite yang gembira-gembira sahaja yang berlaku pada hari ini.

This morning I went to Jalan TAR area to meet two person that will be important person in my life. Berada di sana for about 2-3 hours.

Then now I am home. Actually, it is my first time I meet them and honestly i felt so nervous yet excited. They wait for me at Palace Hotel's lobby. I gave her a called once I almost reach that hotel. After open the entrance door, I start searching for them. Their face is not so familiar to me, I only knew them by pictures upload at facebook, but when entered to the lobby and see a couple smiling at me, i was so sure that they are the person i'm looking for. We have a chit chat for awhile and we also do some shopping. We share stories of our family. I try to get to get to know each other more deeper.

They coming for reason of attending a Kursus anjuran PEMADAM. Kebetulan they coming here to Semenanjung so they wanted to see me. Supposed I'm coming with my parent but they already went to Langkawi for vacation. So i've went alone.

Wearing a baju kurung. An attempt to look sopan and sweet. Ngehngeh~

After meeting them, i'm felt so blessed. I felt so welcome. I hope they accept me they way I am. But I have an instinct that everything gonna be ok. They a nice to me. Oh suke dengan perasaan ini. Rasa sangat yakin dan pasti dengan ape yang dibuat. Ya Allah permudahkanlah segala perjalanan antara aku dan dia.

So i tagged this entry as 'my first time meeting my future parent-in-law'.

---May my parent have a safe journey back home from Langkawi
---And may his parent have a safe journey back to Sarawak. AMIN.


Lurunna said...

wah...!!! kakak... i plak nebes...haha

silent MONOLOGUE said... kite nebes nok.skang tak dah.huhuhu

fiza sarawak said...

wah!!ona..dh jumpe bakal mertua ke.ce bg tips nk cover rse nebes.heheh

silent MONOLOGUE said...

kikikiki..kite ni pesen nebes dtg lambat. bila da dekat baru sebok nak nebes bagai nak rak. hehe

mule2 nebes. bila da jumpe parent dia, ramah je terus nebes ilang otomatik..tak kekok dah...ihihi..

oh gediknye saya rasa sekarang ini...hukhuk