Saturday, September 29, 2012

Am I ready for the new phase of my life?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Less communication is better. (To make it less complicated)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JAWI, Imigresen dan HIV

Arini ambil cuti satu hari, hajatnya nak selesaikan macam-macam benda. Tapi nampak gaya macam nasib kurang baik sikit arini. Pagi2 buta dah keluar rumah sebab nak pergi JAWI, settle pasal borang nikah tapi last-last balik tanpa buat ape2 sebab salah info dapat dari imam masjid tempat aku duduk. Then takpelah, teruskan hajat untuk selesaikan perkara yang lain, so menujulah ke Pejabat Imigresen kat Pusat Bandar Damansara. Hajat di hati nak buat passport. Sampai je sana baru tau yang pejabat kat sana dah lama jugak tutup dan dah pindah ke Jalan Duta dekat dengan Masjid Wilayah. So even susah ati sikit tapi teruskanlah jugak hajat. Fuhhhh parking tak sampai 20 minit je tapi kena charge sampai RM6. Aiyooo duduk kat KL ni mmg cepat kering poket. 

Makanya sekarang aku di Pejabat Imigresen yang baru di Jalan Duta. Sedang tunggu passport siap. Alhamdulillah urusan kat sini mcm berjalan lancar. Tempat ni baru, cantik dan besar. Officer kat kaunter pon ramai jadi cepatlah urusan untuk passport. Passport akan siap dalam masa sejam. So sedang sabar menunngu.

Then satu lagi berita yang tak berapa nak menggembirakan adalah pasal ujian HIV. Hajat hati harini alang alang dah ambil cuti satu hari jadi nak buatlah ujian HIV terus. Tapi apalah nasib sbb semalam call klinik kesihatan yang dekat dengan rumah which is Klinik Kesihatan AU2, call2 je dia kate buat sementara waktu ni ujian hiv kat semua klinik kesihatan seluruh Malaysia dibekukan until further notice. Maybe bulan depan baru boleh buat balik. Aku try dapatkan explanation kenapa, reason adalah alat ujian tu mcm tak valid ke ape ntah. So bayangkan kalau sape nak kawen bulan depan n baru terkial2 nak buat ujian hiv, tak ke naya dan haru tu.  

Mujur aku masih ada masa so takpelah anggap je semua ni ada hikmah. So after settle passport ni mcm nak balik ofis je rasa tukar cuti jadi half day je. Sebab nak jimat2 jgk cuti ni sbb nak kumpul cuti untuk kawen. 

Oklah maybe siap dah kot passportnye. Nak gi ke kaunter balik. K daaaaa.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another 3 months to go for my Big Day!

The moment I write this entry it is just about 3 months to go for my wedding day. Since it's been awhile I didn't update my blog, so I think this might be the perfect topic to write in here.

When talking about the preparation for my big day, what I can say it is only about 50-60% done. I always make my job as an excuses for me to delay my wedding preparation. As you may know from my previous entry, I just joined Pantai Holdings as my second job and I secured for a position as HR Exec.
I am so busy for the first few months to catch up and learn many new things, but now I think I am more stable compared to the first month when I joined this company. So with only 3 months left, let's all out and put my 100% focus into the wedding! Yeah! That's the spirit.

I prepared a check list for my easy reference. I wrote down everything that came out from my mind. But when I look back at the list, I know there is something still not included but I don't know what it is. Scary isn't it. But the most important thing is actually the legal documentation for akad nikah day. I have the form with me now but I have yet to do the HIV test. From what I heard is you need to walk in to register and book the session and then come back a week after to do test. Hurm, that will be quite difficult as it is not easy for me to take too many leave in a month. Ok2, don't put this as an excuse Ona! I will find the way to settle this thing.

For our hantaran, I can say it is almost 90% complete. We planned to make it as 9 dulang balas 11. So as for my hantaran only 1 item left and same goes to him. The worst part is I am very picky when choosing things. So can you imagine how much time I have spend just to find the item I like and satisfy. I believe my best friend know me very well when it's come to choose things like handbag, shoes etc. But finally I found the handbag for my hantaran with some help from my best friend Shida Nur. Thanks for spending the time with me :)

I also bought the material for baju nikah around early of this year and will send to tailor only after Raya. I have yet to think what is the design I want for my baju nikah but it's must be something simple. Not too overwhelmed with beads or lace for a sacred occasion. People usually choose white/cream colour for their solemnization day, but for us we have chose not to wear white/cream. I hope the outfit will turn great after the magic touch from my favourite tailor.

For the rest of the preparation like pelamin, wedding card, the outfit for my sanding day, canopy, photographer, wedding cake, kompang team and so on, I have made my choices and some of them I already paid the deposit amount. So just need to confirm back on the design for pelamin, fitting for baju sanding. I also aspect to get my wedding card in hand around October. So that it can be distributed on time as what I have planned.

But besides all the above preparations, the most important thing is to prepare myself to be a good wife to my future husband. Until now I don't even know whether I am ready to carry the responsibilities and duties as a wife. Even our plan after we getting marry is still puzzle, I hope Allah will show us the way. I need to prepare myself physically, mentally and spiritually for the marriage. I want to build our marriage with the blessing from Allah. (Of course everybody want it too).

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Okay dearies, it's midnight already and it is time to go to the bed. I really hope I can update my blog more frequent, but time is a big issue now.

Okay, till then. Bye!

Thanks for dropping by and reading this entry.


The moment of my merisik cum tunang day.
Time flies so fast. This is last year and we almost reach at the end of year 2012. 
This is my final year as a single/anak dara. Next year my life will totally change. 
I will holding a new title as Puan. 
Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segalanya. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

A lousy decision

There is a lot things I learnt for the pass few weeks. But before that I would like to share that I started to enjoy with what I'm doing right now at my new office. Or maybe I should say that I actually have adapted with the environment here. When I look back at my first month here, somehow I feel like so stupid and so weak to just give up when I only give myself about 1 month to adapt with many things. Well that is what some people did when they are underpressure.

This is my third months since I've join this company. Everyday without failed my boss and I go back home around 9pm. Meaning i'll reach home around 10pm something for almost everyday. It is only us to handle all the HR matters for the whole head office. It's quite obvious to see that we lack of manpower, but my other big bos seems like playing a drama within the department. Today say A and tomorrow change to D. Ok I don't want to talk about it. It is complicated to tell here.

At first I am so stress because this is not what I aspect when I join here. I have to stay back until 9 ++ for almost every day. Yes yes, I am totally don't mind to stay back, seriously I don't mind, but when it's come to everyday without failed I have to stay back to settle all the back log, it is totally beyond my capability. I have no life eversince then.

But tadaaaaa, alhamdullillah, after 2 months of working I think i'm okay with the situation. I keep on believe that I can go through it. It just the matter of times. And no matter what will happen, I really have to survive and die die I must stay here. I have to. Serius I have to. After one attempt to leave the company, so I have make up my mind. I know I will ashame to myself if I stick with my decision to leave. But now I'll stay for the sake of experience.

I've been motivated by my boss. There is no short cut to succes. So i'll take this as a challenge. So far I'm happy with what I'm doing because this is what I want to do. Lucky I have a very supportive boss. So I hope and I do hope that my rezeki here will berpanjangan. I pray to Allah to show me the way, and I believe that Allah will listen to my pray. Thank you Allah for everything.

Husna Rahman

Monday, June 18, 2012

The unhappy feeling

I am desperate to feel happy at my new office.

Thing seems like not going so well since day one I join that company.

What I need and what I want now is to wake up in the morning and feel happy.

I need my life back!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Saya rasa sangat direstui. Hari tu waktu tunang datang ke semenanjung minggu lepas aku ada kirim kan baju raya utk bakal famili mentua di sana.

Suddenly bakal father in law post something di wall facebook. Yang mane membuatkan aku rasa sangat direstui dan diterima dalam famili tersebut. Tenkiu Allah untuk rasa ini.