Monday, July 9, 2012

A lousy decision

There is a lot things I learnt for the pass few weeks. But before that I would like to share that I started to enjoy with what I'm doing right now at my new office. Or maybe I should say that I actually have adapted with the environment here. When I look back at my first month here, somehow I feel like so stupid and so weak to just give up when I only give myself about 1 month to adapt with many things. Well that is what some people did when they are underpressure.

This is my third months since I've join this company. Everyday without failed my boss and I go back home around 9pm. Meaning i'll reach home around 10pm something for almost everyday. It is only us to handle all the HR matters for the whole head office. It's quite obvious to see that we lack of manpower, but my other big bos seems like playing a drama within the department. Today say A and tomorrow change to D. Ok I don't want to talk about it. It is complicated to tell here.

At first I am so stress because this is not what I aspect when I join here. I have to stay back until 9 ++ for almost every day. Yes yes, I am totally don't mind to stay back, seriously I don't mind, but when it's come to everyday without failed I have to stay back to settle all the back log, it is totally beyond my capability. I have no life eversince then.

But tadaaaaa, alhamdullillah, after 2 months of working I think i'm okay with the situation. I keep on believe that I can go through it. It just the matter of times. And no matter what will happen, I really have to survive and die die I must stay here. I have to. Serius I have to. After one attempt to leave the company, so I have make up my mind. I know I will ashame to myself if I stick with my decision to leave. But now I'll stay for the sake of experience.

I've been motivated by my boss. There is no short cut to succes. So i'll take this as a challenge. So far I'm happy with what I'm doing because this is what I want to do. Lucky I have a very supportive boss. So I hope and I do hope that my rezeki here will berpanjangan. I pray to Allah to show me the way, and I believe that Allah will listen to my pray. Thank you Allah for everything.

Husna Rahman

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