Monday, October 18, 2010

A letter for my friend on his birthday

Dear friend
Today is 18th October 2010
It's your birthday
Happy Birthday to you
You are getting 24 today

Dear friend
This year you celebrate your birthday as we no longer apart
We are different now
Things are not going to be the same again
Time keep running and its changed me a lot
I just hoping that you can accept this fate
For now I call it fate
But we never knows what will happen next in our life
I just hoping this is the best for our life, for your life

Dear friend
Sorry for saying something harsh to you
Sorry for hurting you deeply
I just do that to make it more easier for you to forget me
If by hating me is the easiest way for you to get rid of me from your life
Please do so
Please please and please
I can't stand myself by seeing you become suffer day by day
I cannot resist myself by feeling so guilty by looking you become like that

Dear friend
Soon you gonna be a teacher
I know you will be great teacher coz you're a great person
And to be honest, you are the most good guy i ever met
Someone had told me that i'm stupid coz letting you go
Maybe I am
And sorry friends for that
Yes I am stupid and blind
But when its comes to my feeling
Only I know the reason why this things happened
You can keep talking and guessing
But only me know the truths about my feeling

Dear friend
I'm hoping the best will come to your life
Coz you deserve it
You deserve to get the best
The best women, best wife and best life
I just wanna say sorry for all the things I've done to you
I am hoping for thousand of apologize from you evendo I know by saying i'm sorry is just not enough
But still, I wanna say sorry sorry sorry and sorry because i have no other word than sorry
I really hope you can accept my apologize

Dear friend
As time goes by
I hope you can move on from the past
Let remain our past as best memory of us
Coz I also do the same
So as your birthday today
I wish the greatest life will be yours one day
Send my regards to your family and your dear friends
And you still will be my best-male-friend ever
Thanks for everything
Thanks for the sweet memories
Thanks and thousand thanks

Noor Husna
2.08 am
18th Oct 2010


Q said...

turut bersimpati

btw nak letter gak on my BDay


silent MONOLOGUE said...

nak letter ke..

kite bg 'leteran' a.k.a bebelan maut..


tgk2 kan la wandy eh..huhu...